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Triple Net Equities, Inc., a licensed California real estate investment broker, is dedicated to serving the needs of corporations, partnerships, and private investors related to structured net leased real estate. Our company president, Robert M. Arbour, has been designing and completing such assignments for more than 25 years, having completed transactions over $500 million. We specialize in identifying, analyzing, and completing net leased transactions. These transactions serve as investment vehicles for various exchange, partnership, and corporate real estate objectives. Additionally, we provide high-level consulting services and implement client-specific programs chosen by our clients.

Our Firm provides these specialized services to high net worth individuals, Fortune 500 corporations, and Wall Street financial institutions.

Our extensive knowledge base enables us to implement appropriate solutions for specific real estate investment objectives. Many of our transactions are accomplished through our long-standing alliances with nationally recognized debt, equity and specialty funding sources. These effective alliances greatly enhance our ability to execute transactions efficiently.

Our investors/buyers are typically-valued clients of tax and legal advisors. Our advisory services complement these trusted advisors' client practice on behalf of their clients and provide efficient solutions for client-specific needs. Our business is driven by client relationships, transparency, and high performance. Based on our ability to understand our client’s objectives, provide specific solutions, and efficiently complete the transaction.

Achieving Client Objectives with Integrity, Expertise, and Performance.

About Robert Arbour

Robert Arbour has been engaged in a wide variety of real estate endeavors since 1979. Starting in leasing and sales to industrial and office occupants with the David Houston Company in New Jersey provided a base of “bricks and mortar” understanding of the business. After working as a property manager with a local New Jersey industrial property owner, he became the acquisition director for Pan American Properties, the British Coal Miners’ Pension Fund’s United States real estate program in New York. From 1983 until 1987, Mr. Arbour was a licensed broker in Texas.

Since 1988, Mr. Arbour has been a self-employed licensed real estate broker and advisor in California. He has completed a wide variety of real estate transactions, which sought to maximize property value with structured funding. He has consulted to NYSE and Fortune 500 companies; completed letter of credit backed lower floaters with and without collars; zero coupons residual value financing for corporate and individual needs; high leverage transactions for partnership issues; corporate structures involving a detailed understanding of accounting rules; loans with life companies, banks, thrifts, and conduits, as well as completing numerous 1031 exchanges.

Mr. Arbour has represented buyers and sellers, including Wachovia Securities, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Leasing and Finance, CRIC Capital, Mesirow Net Lease, Fleetwood Enterprises, Zurich Structured Finance, American Retirement Corp., United Technologies, and numerous high net worth individuals. During the past 18 years, Mr. Arbour has been the president and sole shareholder of Triple Net Equities, Inc., which specializes in credit net leased real estate finance and sales. Mr. Arbour has successfully closed transactions with a total sales price of over $750,000,000. He has served as nominee owner for three properties acquired by Fleetwood.

In 2019, Mr. Arbour completed innovative funding of an energy installation for a Southern California office building that included a new white roof, solar with PVBooster trackers, new HVAC, and LED lighting. Jointly, these improvements should reduce the building’s electricity usage by 70%. The multi-faceted project capitalization of the energy installation was 100% funded with a fixed-rate 25-year PACE loan, while the building was refinanced with a new bridge loan. A proprietary solar lease and a roof lease allowed maximum financing, tax advantages, and sale flexibility. The structure permitted the reduced energy costs and maintenance savings to be reflected in NOI during the bridge loan term, thus allowing the building to be sold or permanently financed with more income. Additionally, Mr. Arbour advised the owner concerning lease negotiations that would permit these savings to be realized by the building owner, aligning the costs with the benefits.

Mr. Arbour has served as special manager for a pool of Walgreen Stores on behalf of Wachovia Securities. Also, Mr. Arbour has served as special manager for several unrelated single-member limited liability companies. The major rating agencies have approved Mr. Arbour as an independent manager.

Mr. Arbour has been a member of the Urban Land Institute Los Angeles District Council for more than 25 years. He was the founding chairperson and organizer of the two most significant annual events that the organization holds, Urban Marketplace and FutureBuild. He is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University and holds a master’s degree from Rutgers University.

Robert Arbour, Triple Net Equities, Inc.

Partial Net Lease Transaction Summary (approximate prices)

$175,000,000 Motel Six Portfolio sale to Sumitomo, 38 properties, National Represented US Realty
$54,000,000 Walgreen Portfolio management of NN properties and resale 9 properties, National Represented Wachovia Securities
$100,000,000+ Various properties: CVS, Walgreen, Hy-Vee, Wal-Mart, etc Represented individual investors
$26,500,000 Eli Lilly Divisional Headquarters, Greenfield, IN Represented individual investor
$5,400,000 United Technologies, Carrier Subsidiary Warehouse Smyrna, TN As Principal
$29,600,000 Lowes Home Store, Torrance, CA Represented Arnel Realty
$10,350,000 Home Expo, Monrovia, CA Represented Wachovia Securities
$7,000,0000 Black & Veatch, Overland Park, KS Zero-Coupon Subordinated Debt for Sam Zell Represented Zurich Structured Finance
$22,000,000 Fleetwood Enterprises Portfolio, 22 properties, National Represented Fleetwood Enterprises
$5,100,000 Baxter International Portfolio, 3 properties, Midwest Represented individual investor
$13,000,000 Costco Leased Fee, Virginia Beach, VA Represented American Retirement Corp.
$11,700,000 Wal-mart Leased Fee sale to Alex Trebek, Rancho Cordova, CA Represented individual investor
$30,000,000 Alstom, Rochester, NY Represented Mesirow Net Lease
$3,500,000 Anthem Insurance, Louisville, KY Zero-Coupon Subordinate Financing Represented Mesirow Net Lease
$26,500,000 Aetna Building, Plano Texas Letter of Credit backed lower floater financing Represented individual investor as the borrower
$19,300,000 CVS Warehouse, Fredericksburg, VA Represented Individual Investor
$18,500,000 CVS and Walgreen stores located in several states Represented Individual Investor
$13,400,000 CVS bridge financing, which provided funds for the owners to pay prepayment costs, realize substantial tax benefits, and most importantly to recast the existing CVS leases to add value to the assets Represented Individual Investor
$4,172,000 Sale of two zero cash flow CVS stores Represented Individual Investor

Transactions Over $500 million closed

Triple Net Equities, Inc..